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OUR STORY cont...

A lot happened in 1997, Princess Diana left us, Biggie was takin way too soon, Giani Versace was killed on the steps of his Miami home, holding a copy of Vanity Fair magazine. The Manatees were put on the endangered list :( NASA landed a rover on Mars, they also sent the Cassini satellite to Saturn. The CREATE Skate Team was born in 97', In 2016 the Manatees were upgraded to Critical and CREATE released the Birth Video. in 2017 It's Lukin Good dropped and In 2019 We opened the Flagship store... Stay tuned and keep it locked, we're just getting started.



Princess Diana

Diana, Princess of Wales was a member of the British royal family. She was the first wife of Charles, Prince of Wales, the heir apparent to the British throne, and the mother of Prince William and Prince Harry.
Assassinated: August 31, 1997, Pont de l'Alma tunnel, Paris, France


“Anywhere I see suffering, that is where I want to be, doing what I can.”

The extraordinary life of Diana, Princess of Wales, captured the world’s attention. And she harnessed that media frenzy to raise awareness of a number of progressive philanthropic causes.

Gianni Versace

Giovanni Maria Versace was an Italian fashion designer and founder of Versace, an international fashion house that produces accessories, fragrances, make-up, home furnishings, and clothes. He also designed costumes for theatre and films.
Assassinated: July 15, 1997, Miami Beach, FL

"In the past, people were born royal. Nowadays, royalty comes from what you do."

After opening his Milan boutique in 1978, Versace quickly became a sensation on the international fashion scene. His designs employed vivid colors, bold prints, and sexy cuts, which were a refreshing contrast to the prevailing taste for muted colors and simplicity.


Christopher George Latore Wallace, better known by his stage names The Notorious B.I.G., Biggie Smalls, or simply Biggie, was an American rapper. Rooted in the New York rap scene and gangsta rap traditions, he is considered one of the greatest rappers of all time.
Assassinated: March 9, 1997, Los Angeles, CA

“I’m living everyday like a hustle, another drug to juggle. Another day, another struggle.”

The Notorious B.I.G. was awarded the 1995 Billboard Music Awards' Rapper of the Year.[6] The following year, he led his protégé group Junior M.A.F.I.A., a team of himself and longtime friends, including Lil' Kim, to chart success.

NASA to explore Mars & Saturn

The Cassini–Huygens space-research mission, commonly called Cassini, involved a collaboration between NASA, the European Space Agency, and the Italian Space Agency to send a probe to study the planet Saturn and its system, including its rings and natural satellites.

Launch date: October 15, 1997

The Sojourner rover arrived at the Red Planet on July 4, 1997

NASA landed the Mars' Ares Vallis on July 4, 1997. It was designed as a technology demonstration of a new way to deliver an instrumented lander and the first-ever robotic rover to the surface of the red planet. Pathfinder not only accomplished this goal but also returned an unprecedented amount of data and outlived its primary design life.


Manatees are occasionally called sea cows, as they are slow plant-eaters, peaceful and similar to cows on land. They often graze on water plants in tropical seas.

Endangered date: 1997

"Today more than 6,300 in Florida, representing a significant increase over the past 25 years"

In 1997 marine biologists found that decreasing adult survival and eventual extinction were a probable future outcome for Florida manatees unless they got more protection. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service downgrading the manatee's status from endangered to threatened in 2016 after more than 20 years of being classified as on the endangered


History always repeats itself, a new generation of skating emerges. Jordin, Terrell, Jamal, Zay, Flip & Zay K, all born in 1997... that's crazy....

Born date: 1997

"We're just having fun skating and trying to make the world a better place"

CREATE IS 100% SKATER OWNED AND OPERATED San Francisco based skateboard and apparel company. All Designs are made in the U.S. A portion of our proceeds goes to save endangered animal conservation. We're just having fun skating.

Would you like to see CREATE in your local skate shop? We would too… Send us a message below and let us know which neighborhood skate shop you support or if you just wanna say hello that's cool too.

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