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Manatee Conservation

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Manatee Conservation

Save DUH Manatees

CREATE has been working since 2016 to help bring awareness to the West Indian Manatee. CREATE and Save the Manatee Club have joined forces.... a portion of the proceeds from the sales of Manatee products goes to save the frumpy cuddly West Indian Manatee that make their home in Florida and Antillean Manatees of Belize.

Our "Save DUH Manatee" products boards, shirts, hoodies and hats are perfect for any Manatee Luver. A portion of the proceeds from CREATE Manatee products go directly to Save the Manatee Club You can also Adopt a manatee :)

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Manatee Club

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We also sponsor and support Jamal Galves "The Manate Man" with all his work for National Geographic and efforts to Safeguard the Antillean Manatees of Belize.
Conservationist and research biologist Jamal Galves is a 2017 Nat Geo Photo Ark EDGE Fellow and program coordinator for the Sea to Shore Alliance

Learn more about Jamal "Manatee Man"Galves

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